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AutoParts and Collectibles
1520 Deborah Road SE
Suite A
Rio Rancho, NM 87124
Phone (505) 994-4308

7-Inch Round Head Light Bucket -Dipped "SILVER CARBON FIBER"

From Specialty Products Supply(SPS)
7-Inch   Round Head Light Bucket -Dipped "SILVER CARBON FIBER"

7-Inch round Head Light Buckets, with a Chrome trim ring the housing has been HYDRO-GRAPHIC dipped in a "SILVER CARBON FIBER  " pattern , with Clear coating apply that is automotive grade.

Comes with pigtail for most round headlight, also the correct items needs for mounting.

SELLING as a Pair

HEAD LAMPS are sold separately.

7"Round Head Light Bucket Dipped "SILVER CARBON FIBER"

Quantity:1   Only  $80.00